IRC Chat

You have 2 options on how you would like to connect to Cult Animes IRC chat. The first requires the program mIRC (Recommended), for which there are instructions bellow. And the other is to simple use our own Java IRC client, by clicking the link at the bottom.

Server: DALnet
Channel: #cultanime

  1. Get mIRC, you need this to get to the chat we are at. Get it from
  2. Install it.
  3. Open it, doesn't it look nice and simple to use? If it is simple to you, ignore whatever I said and come to DALnet server, Channel: #cultanime
    If the program does not make sense to you, well you better keep reading on.
  4. First click options or the folder and hammer icon.
  5. In Category click Connect, fill out what it says (you don't have to give the truth to it) Full Name, E-mail address, Nickname, Alternative nickname (same as nickname).
  6. In Category click Servers, it says Irc Network on top, find "DALnet" on it and choose it.
  7. After you did all the steps above click on "connect to server" button.
  8. When you connect on there, if it says choose different name type /nick othername. If it doesn't, skip this step.
  9. When you are totally connected you can register the name you are using. You just need to type /NickServ REGISTER password e-mail.
  10. After you typed that press enter. Make sure it's a valid e-mail or your name won't be registered while they are sending the information to your e-mail to activate your nickname join the channel.
  11. To join type /join #cultanime and your inside, so chat away.

If you need help or have any questions, Email me.

Open Pop-up with Java IRC Chat