Anime Lexicon

These are some common words you can hear/read in the Anime coomunity. If you have a word which you think we should add then please E-mail it to me with the explenation of the word.

Commonly added after the name of children. Often it's little girls, or someone you are close to.
Added after the name of boys to whom you are equal age or older then.
Added after the name of a person of whom you think highly of. Commonly an elderly person or anyone whom deserves a high amount of respect.
Added after the name of someone elder and wiser. Commonly known as Miss., Mrs. or Mr. in the English language. This is to show that you have manners.
Means "You". You should never start a conversation with this word because it is considered ill-mannered.
Short for Animation. Has become the official word to describe Japanese Animated cartoons.
Means "Idiot", although this is an unusually nice way of saying it. Commonly used by younger girls.
Short term for BackGround. Usually used when describing the animations in the background of an Anime. If an Anime has good background animations, it's a big plus for it.
Short term for BackGround Music, which is used in most media where the subject is suppose to have discreet music. Most of these media release CDs with this kind of music. (Look for O.S.T.)
Means "Pretty Girl" in Japanese. In Anime it is usually female characters who are cute.
Means "Pretty Boy" in Japanese. Commonly used to describe handsome male characters in Anime.
Short for "Convention". A festival or get-together for Anime fans. Many cons are well known around the world, and can last for a few days, and also have special guests like directors or voice actors.
Consists of the words "Costume" and "Play". As indicating, it means that people/person dresses up into costumes of some Anime characters, and also tries to play that character.
Manga made by amateur mangaka.
Short for the term "dubbed" which means that the voices in an Anime have been translated into another language.
Anime with slight erotic/sexual content. Not as extreme as Hentai. Ecchi is the pronunciation of "H", which is the first letter out of "Hentai". Ecchi also means "Pervert" or "Perverted" in Japanese.
Short for "Ending", which means the ending of an Anime, usually it's when the credits roll. The opposite to ED is OP (Opening).
Short images or clips shown briefly in the beginning and ending of a break in an Anime series.
Fan Service
A common expression used to describe great scenes in Anime. Although it can just as well be used to describe any scene that brings good attention from the viewers.
Anime which has been both translated and sub-titled by fans. This is commonly only done with Anime that has not been licensed or distributed outside of Japan. This is mostly illegal, but companies will usually allow it considering it can feel unfair to people outside of Japan. On the other hand it is not tolerated to do fansubs after they have been licensed by a company outside of Japan. It is also not tolerated to distribute fansubs, because the ones that subbed it do not deserve to get paid for something they did not make.
"Pervert"or "Perverted"in Japanese. Now used to describe Anime with erotic and sexual content. Hentai now even has it's own classification, or category if you will, although it is still considered to be Anime.
Means "Cute" in Japanese. Commonly used by girls.
A certain life-style that some people chose to take on. It includes putting on a mask of Anime characters, and sometimes even a pail suit to give the effect of light skin color. It is hard to speak under the mask, and most kigurumis chose to just use body language.
Means "Child" in Japanese. Kodomo-Anime is Anime made for children.
The Japanese word for Comic Book. They are usually in black and white color because of the high costs for coloring. Manga is the second most sold gender in the comic book buisness next to the Western comic book buisness, which usually is about Super-Heroes. A lot of Anime are based on Manga. Good examples are; Akira, Ghost in the Shell and Trigun.
A term used for people who make Manga.
Short for Mechanical. Is a certain genre in Anime. Usually involves giant robots, but can also symbolise any type of mechinary.
"Original Animated Video" or "Original Video Animation". These terms mean the same thing. OAVs/OVAs are Anime that jump directly to Video stores, and passing any theatric or television market.
Short for "Opening", it is usually a few minutes long clip to introduce an Animes name. The oposit of OP is ED (Ending).
Short for "Original Soundtrack. These are CD with the music that is featured in Anime, including the BGM (Background Music).
A term to describe an obseesed Anime fan. The correct translation is "Freak" or "Geek". And Otaku is not a nice thing to call someone in Japan. On the other hand, in other countries, it has become a way of describing obsessed fans and even fans in general. Many consider it an honer to be called an Otaku.
A term used for describing an Anime that has not been sub-titeled nor Voice dubbed.
Commonly used in the Western reagon to destribe a "Voice Actor" or "Voice Actress". (Also see VA)
Means "Girl" in Japanese. Shoujo-Anime are Anime made mostly for girls.
Means "Boy" in Japanese. Shounen-Anime are Anime made mostly for boys.
Short for "Sub-Titeled", which means that an Anime has been translated into text which is shown in the bottom of the screen. This is commonly preferred over Dubbed Anime.
Short for "Voice Actor" or "Voice Actress". These are people who play the voices of the different characters we see in Anime.
Anime or Manga that contain homosexual thoughts and possibly even actions, between males.
Anime or Manga that contain homosexual thoughts and possibly even actions, between females.